When Life Knocks You Down

The last week has been a rough one for me. About a week before I flew to NYC, I started noticing I was having a lot of facial/sinus pain, along with left ear pain. These are the same symptoms I experienced a little over two years ago. In mid-December 2016 I thought what I had was a really bad head cold. Several people around me were sick and we all seemed to continue to pass it around to one another. I ended up going to one of the walk-in clinics in town to get checked out and discovered I had a bad sinus infection and was put on round of antibiotics because my sinuses were completely clogged and there was fluid behind my ear drum. Once I finished the antibiotics I was still having issues with my ears and with getting migraines. Not a fun combination.

I was referred to Otolaryngology (also known as Ear, Nose, and Throat) for a consult. I was started on a round of prednisone and ear drops for my ears. That made for an interesting experience. While the prednisone and ear drops helped with my right ear, my left ear was left unchanged. And on top of that prednisone gave me mild steroid psychosis. That’s not something you want to experience when you are the sole care giver for your dad, or when you are dealing with patient’s health everyday at your job. My left eardrum was retracted and pressing up against the first bone behind the eardrum. I was scheduled to have a tube placed in my left ear. This was the first time I ever needed a tube and it was done as an in office procedure, which was not fun at all.

When I started noticing these symptoms again, I went to get checked out. The doctor took a look in my ear and told me the tube was still in there. So I said, “It’s still in my eardrum where it’s supposed to be”, only to be told that it’s not and it’s just chilling in my ear canal. Fantastic! Over the last few weeks my migraines, face pain, and ear pain have returned with a vengeance. My medications haven’t really been helping the symptoms. I was home more this week than at work because of the migraines and not really being able to function. Today and Thursday have been the two days this week where I’ve felt pretty good. I go in in about a week and a half to have a new tube placed, which I’m dreading because I know it’s going to be super uncomfortable, but I’m also ready to get relief again.

As the title of this post indicates, life has knocked me down this week. I haven’t done much cooking this week because pulling pots and pans out of the cabinets is not pleasant when your head is pounding. I’ve bee drinking more caffeinated beverages for the extra caffeine, I’ve not bee drinking as much water as I should, I haven’t exercised in a week, and I’ve just been down because of not feeling well. Today I’m finally starting to feel normal again and I’m hoping this continues until I get the new tube in. I know feeling crappy is only temporary, but in the moment it seems like it will never end.



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