The journey continues

I saw this on one of my social media pages tonight and it’s absolutely accurate. When I said I was going to NYC some people didn’t understand why or what was there for me that I couldn’t get here. I’ll tell you I got five days of truly feeling like I was living, making connections with my goal crushers, and soaking up as much as humanly possible to make myself a better person.

Everyone has a different journey in life. We all have this idea on how our life will go, but nothing ever goes to plan one hundred percent of the time. And as I look back, with all I’ve been through, I wouldn’t change it because of it were any different I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m in such a good place and it’s a place I haven’t been in years.

This is my time to shine. I’m more passionate about life, doing things I never thought I’d get to do, and working on making the most of each day. I’m proof that you can go from the lowest low to the highest high.


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