Oh life….

Just when you think you’ve got everything figured out life has a way of saying I’m not done giving you a break yet. Last week was busy with getting all of the utilities put in my name and getting my car insurance/home owner’s policy in my name only. After all of that, Tuesday of last week wasn’t horrible. I spent a lot of the afternoon working on cleaning the kitchen and trying to get parts of my place back in order and create some normalcy for my cats, Socks and Shadow. There’s still a lot I need to do and get rid of, but I’m slowly getting things done.

Wednesday of last week was a crazy day. I woke up to find both Socks and Shadow curled up in bed next to me. It felt a lot colder in my room than normal so I got up and walked around the rest of the house and it felt really cold everywhere else too. I soon figured out that the furnace wasn’t working, so after I went and got a cup of coffee to help me warm up, I called a local place that works on furnaces for mobile homes. The guy came out and thought at first it was a switch, so he replaced that and it seemed to be working fine. I went on with my day, ran some errands, and bought new filters for the furnace. I got home at the right time because when I took the from panel off of my furnace it started to make a weird noise and then quit. I went over and it was super hot to the touch and started to smell, so I turned it off at the breaker box and called the repair man back out. The motor ended up dying so he took the fan and motor back to his shop to clean and install an new motor and now it’s working fantastic!

The rest of the week ended up being uneventful, which is just what I needed. I took some time everyday to do a little bit of cleaning around the house, but then spent some quality time with Netflix and YouTube to get some laughs and just to get my mind off of things.

In addition to the furnace last week, I got a call from my bank this week about one of the checks I wrote. Before my dad passed he found a box of my checks and I didn’t even think to look at the checking account number at the bottom, so the checks I wrote last week to the funeral home, the repair man, and my application fee for getting approved to continue living in my mobile home were all written on an account I had closed years ago. These checks were before debit cards were a huge thing and I had to have the account closed because of my local grocery store had been hacked into. Thankfully I found my box of current checks and everyone has been so understanding when I called them to let them know what happened. I want to give a big shout out to Owen’s Funeral Home for being so fantastic to work with especially with everything I’ve been through these last three weeks.

I will continue to blog about everyday life, as well as my journey of losing both of my parents and what it was like to be a caregiver for so long. I felt I needed to post this blog because as I titled it, “Oh life….”, life has a funny way of making us laugh even in situations like I’ve been through.


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